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Daycare FAQ’s

What are the requirements for Day Care?

We divide our playgroups into groups by size, age and energy levels. All new clients will be temperament evaluated for the first couple of hours on their first day before they are added to any playgroup. We like for our guests to be spayed or neutered (if over 6 months old) if not spayed or neutered our staff must be informed before arrival. Non spayed or neutered guests will be limited to certain playgroups. All guests must be currant on vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella (canine cough). You must be in good health, flea/tick free and generally love to play.

Should I bring my pet in for visit before their first day of daycare?

It is not required to come in for a visit. However, it does make things easier for your pet if they have not been in an environment like daycare before. There will be a questionnaire for the parents to fill out upon the arrival of your first day. If your parent decides to bring you in for a visit before your first day you will be introduced to two day care play mates to see how well you interact, and the playmates will be introduced slowly at their comfort level to friends. We treat every dog differently depending on their personality and what they are used to. We are running into some parents who have read this immediately wanting their pet to have their two friends and we cant always do that because the dog is uncomfortable.

If everything goes well you are welcome to stay for a few hours to monitor your play activity at no cost to your parent.

What goes on at day care?

We have a very structured daily routine that ensures all guests receive lots of play time as well as some needed down time.  You will play with other day care play mates with similar tempermates and size in our large outdoor and indoor play areas.

Can my parent check-in on me?

Yes, they can call us as many times as they would like and they will be directed to the Kennel Manager or they can log on to our website to view our web cams.

Do I need to make reservations?

It is recommended to make a reservation for Day Care and for Boarding.  Especially during peak seasons.  We have limited space and they fill up quickly.

Will I get to eat at Day Care?

Yes, we have a noon nap time where you will rest in one of our suites.  During your rest time you will be offered the lunch that your parent packs for you or a treat from our barkery at your owners approval.

Should I eat prior to coming to Day Care?

If your parent feeds you in the morning then make sure you give your stomach plenty of time to digest.  You need at least 1 hour of rest before you begin playing to prevent the risk of bloating.

Will I get to take a nap and rest at Day Care?

Yes, we have noon nap time where you will rest in one of our suites.

What if I get sick or injured at Day Care or when Boarding?

All staff is certified in Pet First Aid & Pet CPR.  We will take excellent care of you if an accident occurs.  We will contact your parent however in case of an emergency you will be taken immediately to the nearest vet.

Will I get dirty at Daycare?

When you come to daycare you do play in groups with other dogs. We do play outside when weather permits. Our staff takes all efforts to send each guest home in clean condition however, parents must understand that they are sending their pet to a daycare where they do play and run around outside. Pets may leave here smelling like outside or get dirty playing outside or in their playgroup. If your pet gets extremely dirty during their playtime we will clean up your pet before they go home. Giving our staff an expected departure time helps us insure that your pet is cleaned up and ready to go home when you arrive.