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Boarding FAQ’s

When can I be dropped off and picked up?

You are welcome to be dropped off anytime after 8:00 am (Monday - Friday) and after 9:00am (Saturday) unless another arrangement has been made to drop off earlier.  We request you be picked up by 6:00 pm Monday-Friday and by 5pm on Saturdays.  Sundays we are open 3:00 to 5:00pm, March through September . Also, we are closed daily from noon to 1pm for nap time.

When I’m a boarding guest, do I get to participate in Day Care and play with other dogs?

Yes, you will get to participate in all the day care activities during your stay with us, unless you’re not very social or you have a medical reason then you will get extra attention from our staff members. For Paws Unleashed is all about having a relaxing and good time during your stay with us. Whatever your situation we will ensure your satisfaction.

What do I need to bring when I’m staying over night?

Bring your food from home, it’s easier on your system to stay on the same food you’re used to. Bring your favorite toy or blanket to cuddle up to at night.  It's helpful if your name is on EVERYTHING that you bring so it makes it back home with you.  Your suite will have everything else.  Each suite has a comfortable bed, TV to keep you company, and water and food bowls.

What about getting my medicine?

We administer medication provided by your parent.  All medications must be in their original container.

How do we make reservations for boarding or day care?

Your parent can call, email or stop in.  We fill up fast so it’s best to make a reservation.

Will I get dirty while boarding?

Yes, you could smell like other dogs, get dirty from the weather or smell like the outdoors simply from having fun. When you come to board with us we make every effort to ensure you have a great time during your stay. We play outside, inside and most guests do play in groups. Although we do make every effort to send you and your belongings home clean it is a good idea to schedule a grooming appointment on your departure date so you go home smelling fresh and clean. A simple bath and dry is very affordable and saves your parents from having to do it when you get home. If you do require a clean-up we will definitely make sure you are cleaned up before you go home. Giving our staff an expected departure time helps us insure that you are cleaned up and ready to go home when your parents arrive.