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We have recently installed a PetAirapy system into our HVAC units to help with the rise in Kennel Cough in our area! Here is some information about what PetAirapy does! Feel free to visit their website for more information!

When an infected animal coughs, sneezes or sheds dander, they release pathogens into the air via droplets. These infected droplets evaporate into millions of tiny particles which circulate through the air. They literally cling to dust and can remain infectious until inhaled by another animal or person. Once present, these airborne pathogens can circulate throughout your HVAC system and remain infectious for up to two weeks.

With our multiple air and coil surface disinfection units, PetAirapy can properly size your new or existing HVAC system to quickly and efficiently kill over 99.9% of these pathogens. Our powerful UVC light technology eliminates and kills allergens, bacteria and viruses such as Kennel CoughCanine Influenza and all flu viruses, as well as other illnesses before they have a chance to spread infection.

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