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Dog Days Summer Camp 2018

It’s The Dog Days of Summer!
With the temperature rising we are very worried about the heat this summer and how it will affect our playtime! When the temperatures are too hot we are forced to bring our guests indoors to play, where we have limited play areas. This limits the amount of time our guests get to play during the day! The later hours in the evening are when we are able to have more pool time and more play time!
To help all of our guests get the most out of their stay we will be offering an evening summer camp!
Dog Days Summer Camp Enrollment!
How it works! 
  • Buy a 15-day pass (for half days only) for $115 (this saves you $35)
  • Summer camp hours are evening half days only. 1-6 Monday through Friday and 1-5 on Saturdays. You will sign your half day pass.
  • Summer camp is from June 1st to September 1st. All Summer Camp passes will expire September 1st!
  • When you use up one pass you are more than welcome to buy another in the season.
  • When you buy a pass, your pet will get the camp fun bundle (Camp Snack, Photo and Craft) and will get to choose 1 free camp activity.
  • Camp activities to choose from: Nature Walk, Cardio Jog, Creek Time, 20 Min Frisbee toss/ Agility, 15 Min Massage, Hair Feathering, or Nail trim.
For any questions or concerns call us at 859-623-DOGS (3647)
www.ForPawsUnleashed.com  •  P: 859.623.3647  •  info@forpawsunleashed.com

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