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New Grooming Services

                                                                                                                                                          Deluxe Spa Bath

Our new Deluxe Spa is full of pampering features!
You will receive and bath (shampoo and conditioner), dry, ear and eye cleaning, teeth wipe, nail trim, full cut, Pawicure (fizz and paw cream), and your choice of scent :

Pomegranate Cucumber- Moisturizes, Antioxidant, Increase Coat Shine
Coriander Seed- Soothes Skin
Eucalyptus Peppermint- Refreshes Skin and Coat, Relieves Itching, Deters Fleas
Geranium Rose Sage- Moisturizes and Balances Skin, Reduces Inflammation

Mud Bath

Our Mud Bath solution is lightly massaged into your coat and skin. After a luxurious mud soak you will be rinsed and shampooed. The Mud Bath is great for:
Shed Safely – Hydrating, Clogged Hair Follicles, Releases Undercoat, Removes Loose Fur
Soothing- Comforts Sensitive, Irritated Skin, Promotes Healing, Reduces Hot Spots and Blemishes
Fortifying- Detox and Strengthen, Natural Parasite and Yeast Relief, Healthy Skin Blend
Mobility- Cool and Refreshing Energize, Stimulate, Circulate, and Eases Itchy Skin


A luxurious paw soak in our special fizz and a lather of paw cream!
Helps moisturize cracked paws

Hair Feathering and Coloring

We have feathering of all colors and sizes that can be attached to your hair in your favorite way. 
We also provide many different colors for your hair and can do most designs desired! 

Canine Massages

Our Canine Massages are great for pets of any age!
Our certified Pet Masseuse will take you to a quite, private area that you are comfortable with for your 15 min session.
You will receive your massage with the oil fragrance of your choice (Lavender or Peppermint).
Prepare to feel relaxed and refreshed!

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