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Meet our Grooming Staff!

Angie Morris – Certified Pet Stylist- Angie has been apart of our staff for over four years and has truly found her calling in grooming. She has such a strong compassion for the animals, she feels: ” It’s all about them, their comfort is what is most important to me, I want them to feel great when they are finished.”-Morris

Amanda Edington- Certified Pet Sylist – Amanda has been apart of our staff for two years, she has worked hard to become the groomer she is today. Her thoughts on grooming are: ” I believe the dogs should feel like we do after we’ve been pampered, I just enjoy knowing they feel good as well as look good.” – Edington

Heather Rhodus – Grooming Tech – Heather has just joined our team and we are happy to have her, she has proven herself and we would not have such great groomers without techs like her. Heather’s favorite part about grooming is: ” when I know there is someone I can help, if they are a rescue or in bad shape, I want to help them.” -Rhodus

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