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Annual Bow Wow Luau 2017

Bow Wow Luau!

 It’s time for our Annual Bow Wow Luau
to kick off summer break!

Join us June 7th during daycare hours,
we will be having a splash!

We will have activities such as fun in the pools and sprinklers, ball pits, and more!


*This event is for your pets only, standard daycare rates apply!

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  1. Ped’s 2nd. Birthday is June 8, Thursday. He will be with you that day. Maybe you could take a couple of pics to post.
    What are your thoughts?
    Thank you!

    • Heather Larrison says:

      Sorry for such a late response! We are still getting used to the new website! Ped had an awesome time at the Luau, we included some pictures of him on our Facebook page. He even got some extra time to play with the staff for his birthday, though I think he was so excited he couldn’t even sit still!

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